Change your life with LifeDesign™

It’s perfectly possible to make changes in your life by altering the way you think, finding new knowledge and developing new skills. The LifeDesignMethod will help you think things through and introduce you to tools and techniques which you can use to make things happen and change your life for the better.


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Design for Life Lite – make BIG changes in just 30 days


design for life lite thumbnailDesign for Life Lite is a 60 page diary/journal PDF printable version of Design for Life packed full with 11 life changing tools and ideas to further develop your LifeDesign™. This product is intended to be used over a 30 day period and includes 21 ‘daily pages’ to maintain focus on your objectives,  goals and monitor your progress. Design for Life Lite is only £9.99, half the price of the A4 hardback book. This product can be used in its electronic form but WILL need to be printed to get the most out of it. Find out more.


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Design for Life – A4 hardback book


Design for Life is a beautiful A4 Hardback monochrome workbook that provides comprehensive life changing support with 19 tools, inspirational quotes, creative spaces and over 80 daily diary/journal pages for progress monitoring. This is the ultimate life planning tool and essential for anyone who wants to turn their life around. You can get yours today in our shop for just £19.95 including P&P to any UK address.


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Start your LifeDesign™ TODAY for FREE!


life design for beginners thumbnailLifeDesign™ for Beginners will help you get your very own life plan started and more importantly, it’s absolutely free. This 33-page eBook can be used on any device, so you can plan your life at home, on the train or even on the beach! Find out what life planning is and why its important to plan if you really want to change you life. It is easy to follow so you can dive straight into our 6 step process. Find our more.


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The LifeDesign™ 6 step process:


  1. Understanding what you love
  2. Exploring why it makes you happy
  3. Help to set specific objectives
  4. Help setting big (and small) life goals
  5. Deciding what actions to take
  6. Monitoring your progress


Change your life on any device!

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All our downloads come in a PDF format and can be used on any device! Design for Life Lite requires printing


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What is LifeDesign™?

You only have one life. LifeDesign™ can help you on your road to success.  It will help you think things through and introduce you to tools and techniques which you can use to make things happen.


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Tools and techniques


There are over 20 LifeDesign™ Tools and Techniques in total, all of which are included in the A4 hardback version of Design for Life. Here we are going to take a quick look at a tool that appears in both the A4 hardback book and our 60 page downloadable PDF; Design for Life Lite. Here’s an example:


tool 1 where I am


Where I am is a tool that you will use to assess your positive and negative spectrum. You can then analyse the important actions you should take based on the findings. This is a simple technique that is used in the initial stages of your LifeDesign™ development. Feel free to print off the tool and try it for yourself.


The LifeDesign™ Method


The premise is simple; The LifeDesign™ Method helps you plan your life like a project.  It is a low cost, totally flexible and completely private approach to help you make better decisions and choices. You will explore your beliefs, goals and ambitions and monitor your progress throughout your life planning journey. Failing to plan means planning to fail.


Just ask yourself the following questions, are you:


  • Getting the feeling you are running out of time?
  • Disappointed?
  • Dissatisfied?
  • Missing out?
  • Overwhelmed?
  • Pushed around by circumstances?
  • On the treadmill?
  • Weighed down by regrets?


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, the LifeDesign™ Method is for you. With a bit of hard work and tenacity, it will help you on your road to success.


Build your LifeDesign™ with Design for Life Lite


design for life lite thumbnailIf you are ready to give LifeDesign™ a go, you should download Design for Life Lite. This 60 page diary/journal PDF is a printable version of Design for Life. The PDF is packed with 11 tried and tested life planning tools and techniques and is intended to be used over a 30-day period. It includes 21 ‘daily pages’ to maintain focus on your objectives and goals and monitor your progress. Not forgetting Design for Life Lite is only £9.99 (half the price of the hardback book and other similar products on the market). Note: This product will need to be printed for you to get the most out of it. Find out more here.


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Not sure that life planning is for you?


If you are new to life planning or not sure if it’s for you, you should get started by downloading our FREE eBook; LifeDesign™ for Beginners. It will help you as you take your first steps on your life planning journey. find out whats inside here.


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How to get started

If you want to start changing your life, but you don’t know where to start, download our FREE 33 page eBook which contains LifeDesign™ tools you can immediately use to make positive changes. Click here to take a look inside.


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Whatever your situation, LifeDesign™ for Beginners can help


Need help deciding what to do?: If you want help with a problem or insights, “What can I do?” LifeDesign™ for Beginners will help you clarify your thinking.


What needs to change?: If you have decided you need to change but need a plan, Life Design for Beginners™ will support you in creating it.


Can’t get Going? “I’ve got a plan, I just need help to carry it out” LifeDesign™ for Beginners will help you get started and stay on track.



Your life is a project and projects need careful planning


Comprehensive plans develop understanding, help create action and give you a way to control things. Comprehensive life plans change lives comprehensively! The LifeDesign™ Method will help you think things through and introduce you to tools and techniques which you can use to make things happen.


Ready to get started? Lets go…


life design for beginners thumbnail LifeDesign™ for Beginners will help you get your very life planning journey started and more importantly, it is alsolutely free. This 33 page eBook can be used on your phone, desktop or tablet. You will be able to plan your life at home, on the train or even on holiday! Find out what life planning is and why you should see your life as project . You will be starting our LifeDesign™ 6 Step Process in no time and making the changes you want, quicker than you think.


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all our downloads are in PDF format and will work on any device


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I’d like to know more

Thank you taking time to look at Design for Life. Before you buy, please feel free to download the free 33 page PDF, where you will find tools that you can use immediately to start making your life plan. These tools will help you take an exploration into who you are what you want from life.


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Would you like me to show you how you can make positive changes to your life through a custom LifeDesign™, using life planning and helping you transform aspects of your life that need attention?


Design for Life can help you create a bespoke LifeDesign™. This is a life plan that will help you identify what you really want from life, teach you how to set and achieve your goals and understand how you can take control. All achieved at your own pace.


Why is this 33 page PDF free?


I offer you this free PDF because I believe that Design for Life is a great way to help anyone make positive and lasting changes to their life. If you have genuinely benefited from using the PDF and you are already seeing an impact in your day to day life, you might want to consider having a look at the full hard back book. With that said, please understand that this is not a sales pitch in disguise. I promise not to pester you with emails and pressure you into the buying the book in any way at all, in fact if you feel like I have wasted your time, let me know and I’ll be happy to give you a few proposed solutions to any challenge you are currently facing.


Before you go any further, you need to understand that Design for Life won’t be able to help everybody. It is not a magic genie in a bottle that will cure all your problems overnight or make you an instant millionaire. A truly effective LifeDesign™ will take a lot of time and effort on your part.


If you want to go ahead and purchase Design for Life simply click the link below and proceed to the checkout. Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best in the future.


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