Design for Life Lite


Make BIG changes in just 30 days with this amazing eBook!

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Join the 100s of people who have already used the LifeDesign™ Method and start making positive changes today!


  • Change your  life in 30 days
  • Full introduction to the LifeDesign™ Method
  • 60 advice packed pages
  • 11 LifeDesign™ tools and techniques
  • Track your progress with 21 daily pages
  • Print at home and use the eBook on the go
  • Explore and develop your ideas
  • Build your first LifeDesign™


With a just a bit of effort, Design for Life Lite will help you start making your dreams a reality, get you more organised and achieving the goals you set. Don’t just plan your life… Design it with LifeDesign™. This product can be used in its electronic form but will require printing to get the most out of it. Click here for more info!


This eBook is in PDF format and you may require a suitable PDF reader which can be found free here:

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