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Make BIG changes in just 30 days with this amazing eBook!

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Design for Life Lite is 60-page diary/journal PDF printable version of Design for Life packed full of 11 life changing tools and ideas to further develop your LifeDesign™. This product is intended to be used over a 30-day period and includes 21 ‘daily pages’ to maintain focus on your objectives, goals and monitor your progress.

With a just a bit of handwork, Design for Life Lite will help you can start making your dreams a reality, get you more organised and achieving the goals you set. Don’t just plan your life… Design it with LifeDesign™.

This product can be used in its electronic form but will require printing to get the most out of it.

This eBook is in PDF format and you may require a suitable PDF reader which can be found free here:

Windows 10 users can use their Edge browser to open PDF documents and many other modern browsers now support PDF documents too. Alternatively, for mobile devices and tablets, simply find a free reader in the Google or Apple store (you may already have one installed).