How does LifeDesign™ work?

LifeDesign™ is a complete, unique approach to changing your life that helps you explore where you want to be.  Once you have your personalised life plan, you’ll have your very own LifeDesign™.  The journal layout of Design for Life and Design for Life Lite is in a format to encourage you to keep making changes. It holds your hand through the whole process. You will create a handwritten life plan with solid action steps to overcome obstacles and make a positive impact in all aspects of your life.


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The premise is simple; LifeDesign™ helps you plan your life like you would plan a project. It is a low cost, totally flexible and completely private approach to help you make changes. You will explore your beliefs, goals, ambitions and monitor your progress throughout your life planning journey.



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LifeDesign™ contains many tools and techniques that anyone can use. These help you take an exploration into who you are and what you want out of life. They are simple and easy to use. You will be surprised by the insights you achieve through putting in just a small amount of effort. Obviously, big changes will require lots of time an effort your behalf, but you will be able to quickly establish and set goals that will help you achieve your dreams and create the happy life you desire.


The unique approach will also enable you to

  • Pause for thought
  • Maintain motivation
  • Achieve more
  • Introduce a structured and disciplined approach
  • Improve your chances of success
  • Create the space you need
  • See progress


Helping you avoid:

  • Wasted time or effort
  • The expense of a life coach
  • Potential further misery
  • More poor decisions or choices
  • De-motivation
  • Failing to apply what you’ve learned
  • Having to buy and read dozens of self-help books to get what you want
  • Having to wade through psychological theory and jargon


Ready to change your life?


We currently have three products available that use the LifeDesign Method and which one you choose will depend on you. If you are new to life planning and not sure if it is for you, you should begin by downloading our free beginners’ guide. If you think you are ready to start making big changes, you should go ahead and purchase our 60-page printable, 30-day life planning tool; Design for Life Lite or get the original 286-page version available for purchase in the store.