Making it a habit

If you have read my previous blogs, you will know by now that I encourage you to Dream BIG and Think BIG. But it’s important to understand that quick dramatic changes in a life are pretty rare. It’s great to shoot for the moon, but you might want to learn some rocket science before departure. Continue reading

Time to get started!

Time is what you make not what you have got. “I haven’t got time” becomes “I’m not making the time” becomes “I am going to make the time”. If you are in full employment you will almost certainly have been subjected to a Time Management course at some point. I have attended a few throughout my Continue reading

What is LifeDesign™?

You only have one life. LifeDesign™ can help you on your road to success.  It will help you think things through and introduce you to tools and techniques which you can use to make things happen.     Tools and techniques   There are over 20 LifeDesign™ Tools and Techniques in total, all of which are included Continue reading

Dealing with failure

Its not about the fail, the important thing is how you deal with failure. Failure is something that happens to everyone. It is not something you are. A failure might occur, but you are not a failure as a result. Don’t take it personally. Failing can certainly hurt and get you down, make you sad or mad.  Continue reading

Applying Some Critical Thinking

Applying critical thinking gives individuals the opportunity to draw conclusions based on fact instead of blindly accepting information on face value. This is a great skill to have and develop during the life planning process. It will allow you to make educated and informed decisions in all aspects of your life.     Don’t take Continue reading

Self help works!

Many people don’t believe self help books work. The media is consistently sceptical about self-help, newspapers and interviewers always approach it as though it is some kind of quackery – snake oil sales.     “The only way to get rich from a self-help book is to write one” Christopher Buckley       Are people Continue reading

Introducing life plans, what are they?

Everyone should have a life plan. Without a life plan you are much more likely to be pushed around by life’s circumstances and less likely to succeed – whatever your aspirations.     I know from my own direct experience that having a life plan helps you make better decisions, use your time and whatever Continue reading

Are your dreams too wild?

Our wildest dreams are important reflections of our deep-seated desires. They can tell you what you really believe would make your life fulfilling and meaningful.     Plan and set goals to achieve your dreams   Perhaps some dreams are beyond us, but if you can master planning, goal setting, handle procrastination and develop discipline Continue reading

10 steps to help get your life plan started

Welcome to our new video series: 10 steps to help get your life plan started. We will be publishing one a week, will anyone complete all 10 steps? Each of the 10 steps is designed with a specific aim in mind. Every step has a suggested task to accompany it. These are things you can do that Continue reading

10 steps to help you change your life

It has taken me over 30 years to develop my approach to life planning. All the advice I give is based on real direct practical experience from both my business and personal life. Below are just a few of the tools and techniques that can help you change your life when creating a LifeDesign™.   Continue reading