Self help books don’t work

A lot of people are cynical about the power of self help books to change lives. I find the ‘self help books don’t work’ argument very difficult to accept.     Why don’t self help books work?   The same people who argue this would no doubt readily accept that a fiction book, play or Continue reading

10 steps to help get your life plan started

Welcome to our new video series: 10 steps to help get your life plan started. We will be publishing one a week, will anyone complete all 10 steps? Each of the 10 steps is designed with a specific aim in mind. Every step has a suggested task to accompany it. These are things you can do that Continue reading

Know what you love and do it more often

I don’t believe there is a secret route to happiness, but I know doing what you love is beneficial and I believe in this advice which I offer to anyone who is interested. If you want to be happier – Just learn to know what you love and then find how to do more of it. Continue reading

Do I need a life coach?

Using a life coach can be extremely valuable and life changing – but coaching is not for everyone. The idea of sharing your deepest thoughts and aspirations with someone you hardly know can be intimidating to some people. Life coaching can be expensive and out of reach for some people.     You may not Continue reading

The answer to all your problems could be in the fridge

In this blog we are going to look at a great way to explore any of your problems, a way of seeing them from a new perspective and maybe helping you find some potential solutions. I call it the Fridge (I’ll explain later). There are three parts to this method; writing it down, leaving it alone Continue reading

Be careful of what you believe

I believe that what you believe is a large determinant of what you achieve. The amount that you can help yourself or improve yourself or succeed is directly related to your beliefs about what is or is not possible.     What you believe is a result of what you believe/have learned from a complex Continue reading

Making it a habit

If you have read my previous blogs, you will know by now that I encourage you to Dream BIG and Think BIG. But it’s important to understand that quick dramatic changes in a life are pretty rare. It’s great to shoot for the moon, but you might want to learn some rocket science before departure. Continue reading

Time to get started!

Time is what you make not what you have got. “I haven’t got time” becomes “I’m not making the time” becomes “I am going to make the time”. If you are in full employment you will almost certainly have been subjected to a Time Management course at some point. I have attended a few throughout my Continue reading

What is LifeDesign™?

You only have one life. LifeDesign™ can help you on your road to success.  It will help you think things through and introduce you to tools and techniques which you can use to make things happen.     Tools and techniques   There are over 20 LifeDesign™ Tools and Techniques in total, all of which are included Continue reading

What’s inside Design for Life

A beautiful monochrome 286 page A4 book. It opens with a brief introduction to the key knowledge you need to take active steps to change your life. Lets find out whats inside:   There are 18 detailed Tools and exercises to assist you in developing a detailed personal life plan – life planning that will Continue reading