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Spring is here and its time to make some BIG changes, and we have something that can help you along the way! Change can be hard, we know that. However, Design for Life Lite is packed with our tried and tested LifeDesign™ tools and techniques to help you get started.


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Can you really change your life in 30 days?


It is entirely possible to change your life in a month, but if you choose, you can take as long as you want. Design for Life Lite has been designed to allow you to move at your own pace. There are 21 daily pages to track your progress. We suggest you spend your first seven days completing all of our 11 tools and techniques, however, there are virtually no rules about how you should use Design for Life Lite. It’s your LifeDesign™. Find out more about the tools you will be using here.


“Design for Life Lite will not only help you choose your destinations (wherever they might be) it will become your personal handmade map”


Download for £9.99


£9.99 + time and effort


Remember, the only place that Success comes before Work is in the dictionary! This is not a genie in a bottle. To make those big changes you will have to put in some time and effort. However, the efforts you put in will be relative to the changes you’re trying to make, making small changes will take you a lot less time than the big ones.


60 pages

60 pages packed full of advice and tools! 


Print at home, take the PDF on the train


design for life lite thumbnailDesign for Life Lite has been designed with versatility in mind and is suited to today’s busy lifestyle. You will need to print the PDF at home or work*  to complete the tools and your daily pages and you have the PDF version on your device to review on the go. Don’t worry if you have inspiration when you are out and about, you can easily make notes on your device’s notepad and add them to your printed version later.  We didn’t tell you this… But you can always just print off more daily pages if you want to continue after the 30 days is up! *Just don’t tell the boss we said that.


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Download for £9.99


Your LifeDesign™


Personalisation is easy, once printed, you can really go to town on how you present it. Remember; its your LifeDesign™, have some fun! Why not go old-school and keep it in a ring binder? The choice is yours… But don’t spend too much time thinking about it, your LifeDesign™ is more important.


Let’s get started!


If you are ready to start designing your life with LifeDesign™, head to our store and get your copy of Design for Life Lite now.  If you are still not sure that life planning is for you, why not download our FREE beginners guide here before you buy.


Download for £9.99