Are your dreams too wild?

Our wildest dreams are important reflections of our deep-seated desires. They can tell you what you really believe would make your life fulfilling and meaningful.


your wildest dreams


Plan and set goals to achieve your dreams


Perhaps some dreams are beyond us, but if you can master planning, goal setting, handle procrastination and develop discipline there are not many things that will lie beyond your reach.


Whatever your dreams you should start with the end in mind. There is nothing wrong (and a great deal right) in writing down your absolute ideal world scenario – deeply exploring how you would feel if you achieved it.


Framing your life plan


There is a trick to framing a life plan and life goals. You need to aim high enough to regard the result as a significant achievement, but not so high you are setting yourself up to fail. Your goals should be difficult, but achievable. Your goals could be milestones on the way to your dream.


dream big


Clearly you may not achieve everything you want in your life – but your level of motivation should be strong enough for you to enjoy pursuing your dream.


Getting stuff done


In terms of getting stuff done – whatever your dreams – it is always useful to break things down into smaller steps. BIG goals are achieved by taking little steps (running a marathon, climbing a mountain, learning to fly all require building capability over a long period of time).


I suggest you take small actions every day and review your progress on a weekly basis. If you can, set your phone to remind you of your promise to do things at certain times. Given what you can do with a mobile phone these days I am sure you can find ways to embarrass yourself into actions.


Its great if you can choose something that will ensure you get more excited about the prospect of success with every passing day.


Lack of discipline can be a real problem for most of us. Building discipline is like building a muscle. Self-discipline is a key personal skill. If you can develop it in one dimension of your life it will serve you in every other. The ability to demonstrate self-control is a personal characteristic which has massive benefits.


Before you start your programme of actions make a note of the starting position – because when you do make progress you can look back and congratulate yourself on how far you have travelled from that beginning.


Change is never easy. Even when you are chasing your wildest dreams. It consumes effort and time and there is a danger you will slip back. Plan for slipping back.



A recipe for success


  1. Set the goal
  2. Create a plan
  3. Take the action
  4. Review the results (near or not?)
  5. If not, what else should be done? – Take a different action
  6. Repeat until successful


Recipe for success


Need help achieving your wildest dreams?


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