Do I need a life coach?

Using a life coach can be extremely valuable and life changing – but coaching is not for everyone. The idea of sharing your deepest thoughts and aspirations with someone you hardly know can be intimidating to some people. Life coaching can be expensive and out of reach for some people.


Female Life Coach


You may not have the time to give to a coaching relationship or you may have obligations which prevent you from working with a coach. It may take some time to get your thoughts and actions together – involving many coaching sessions. Not everyone is in a position to engage a coach and not everyone wants to.


Design for Life Lite is a great way to avoid the expense of a life coach. It will help you learn how to become your own life coach.


Coaching vs LifeDesign™



  • Can be expensive
  • Depends on your willingness to be open with someone independent
  • Regular sessions are a commitment
  • Success depends to some extent on personal chemistry

Design for life™

  • Low cost
  • Helps those who are reluctant to share or want privacy
  • Highly flexible and at your own pace
  • Success depends on your own efforts

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