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If you want to change your life but don’t know where to start, I have some good news… My new eBook – LifeDesign™ for Beginners gives you everything you need to make a start, and I’m giving it away completely FREE.



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I’ve always believed that one of the biggest obstacles to realising any ambition is the ability to get started. It sounds obvious, and maybe its even a bit of cliche, but it’s so true. Most of the time we just need to know where to start.


When we have new ideas, whether at work or in our personal life (for example, creating a life plan!) we either don’t know where to start, so the idea fades away, or we spend a lot of time and money trying to get it perfect before we’ve even decided if it’s a good idea!


So, I decided to turn the idea of my 286-page book Design for Life™, into a 37 page FREE eBook – LifeDesign™ for Beginners to help you get started on your journey and take that important first step without the need to spend lots of your precious time and money. It’s completely FREE, and at 37 pages, you can read it in a few hours.


The eBook will help you take an exploration into who you are and what you want from life. It contains tools and tips that you can use immediately to start making your lifeDesign™ and the changes you want.


Download LifeDesign™ for beginners now


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Here’s what you’ll get in your free eBook:


  • 10 life planning techniques to ground you in what it takes to make the changes you want
  • My own personal story of how I managed to get out of an unsatisfying job, run my own business, and write my first book
  • Recommendations of my personal favourite self-help books that are out there to buy
  • A whole bunch of reasons as to why you need to start planning your life
  • 10 of the most common and unhelpful beliefs about creating a life plan – completely debunked!
  • One of my favourite tools for understanding the obstacles in your life, and creating ideas for overcoming them – Force 10
  • A proven method for creating your first LifeDesign


And all this is just the start – there’s so much more I’ve crammed into 37 pages, and it’s full of valuable content to get you started.


What to do next…


I believe the tools and techniques contained in the FREE eBook are a great way to help anyone make positive and lasting changes in their life. You can download it instantly by clicking the link below.


Download LifeDesign™ for beginners now


Try the free eBook


You won’t be pestered with follow-on emails and I won’t pressure you to buy the full book. In fact, we’ll mention it just this once, because the reality is, if you think the eBook has been of benefit, you might want to consider it.


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Finally – an important message…


LifeDesign™ for Beginners is not a magic genie in a bottle that will cure all your problems overnight or make you an instant millionaire. A truly effective LifeDesign™ will take a lot of time and effort on your part to truly change your life. This is something you’ll need to accept if you really want to make changes.