10 steps to help get your life plan started

Welcome to our new video series: 10 steps to help get your life plan started. We will be publishing one a week, will anyone complete all 10 steps? Each of the 10 steps is designed with a specific aim in mind. Every step has a suggested task to accompany it. These are things you can do that will help you on your life planning journey. 


Step 1 – Understanding what you love


In this video, we will help you to understand what you love by asking yourself a series of questions. You can then use these to make lists. This exercise will give you a clear picture of what you love in life. It helps you gain clarity on what really makes you happy. Maybe you should do more of it?



Step 2 – Understanding your motivations and values


Its time to become more sensitive to your motivations and values. Understanding why something floats your boat can significantly increase self awareness. It can help you understand why you do what you do.


Step 3 – Creating a vision of your future


In step 3 you will learn how to quickly shape a vision of what you want your future to look like. Being very clear about what you want will positively influence your choices, decisions, management of time and generate helpful energy, enthusiasm and new beliefs.



Step 4 – Understanding what is getting in the way


How clear is your idea of what is in the way? In this step you will learn a technique that you can use to understand what is getting in your way.


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