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LifeDesign™ for Beginners will help you get your very own life plan started and it is absolutely free. This 30-page eBook can be used on any device. Inside you will find out how you can use the LifeDesign™ Method to start making the changes you want.


The eBook is packed with life planning observations, examining the essentials in relation to life planning and explores the reasons why you should plan your life. Common unhelpful beliefs will be debunked, getting all the negativity out of the way before you begin. Most importantly, the eBook contains a six-step process that includes tried and tested tools to help you begin your LifeDesign™ on solid foundations. What are you waiting for? Download now and get your life plan started today!


This eBook is in PDF format and you may require a suitable PDF reader which can be found free here:

Windows 10 users can use their Edge browser to open PDF documents and many other modern browsers now support PDF documents too. Alternatively, for mobile devices and tablets, simply find a free reader in the Google or Apple store (you may already have one installed).

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