Dealing with stress

Stress can affect your health and lead you to some extremely bad habits – drinking, smoking, overeating or even to drugs.




How can you begin to handle stress? Here are 5 ways:


1. Use the power of your sub-conscious


I believe in the power of the subconscious to solve my problems. Obviously some problems need to be urgently solved but there is often a chance to sleep on it. If there is, do it.


First, immerse yourself completely in the problem – aiming to understand every element of it in a deep way. Once you have done that just commit it to your subconscious and forget it. Trust your subconscious to deliver a solution – however touch or urgent the issue may be.


It’s very important to be clear about what is causing you any stress and understanding why that’s the case. Is it you, others or something in the situation?


2. Meditation


It might sound a bit “new-age” but meditation can help. There is no doubt that the ability to relax and clear your mind of all the clutter – the internal dialogue, confusion and contradictory thoughts, can be a real help. Find somewhere quiet, where you won’t be disturbed and make the effort to clear your mind of all thoughts. It takes a while to master this, but you will be surprised how useful it is when you crack it.

3. Talk to someone you know will be supportive and ask their advice. Really listen.


4. Take up a new hobby – how about doing you something you really used to enjoy as a child?


5. Give yourself a Break


If you have the financial wherewithal to take a holiday – even if it’s just a short break or a day out. Just get away from the challenge. Do something completely different.


It’s amazing how quickly you can break out of your existing environment – drive for 90 minutes and you will be 50 or 60 miles from home, catch a train, find a tourist attraction in your area which you have never visited before or take a bus to somewhere you have never been.


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