Design for Life

Design for Life™ is a beautiful, inspirational, thought provoking new self help book in a unique format. It will help you create a plan for making positive changes in your life – a LifeDesign™ and, via its innovative new approach, Design for Life™ will help you quickly make changes with only a limited investment of time, assisting you in transforming those parts of your life that need attention.

Most people spend more time learning to programme their DVDs than they do considering what to do with their existence. Design for Life™ will provide you with the space and the encouragement, as well as everything you need to know about making positive life changes. With practical advice to aid you in clarifying what needs to happen and diary pages to help you monitor your progress, Design for Life™ will keep you motivated to make changes and offer you a low cost, low risk, uncomplicated and personal approach to self help, self development and self improvement.

  • 11 Knowledge Keys describe what is probably getting in your way
  • 23 Tools help you undertake a detailed exploration of who you are and what you want
  • 84 Daily Pages enable you to track the progress you are making to achieve your goals
  • 84 thought-provoking Quotations motivate you throughout the journey

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